Tipping the scales!

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Some thoughts were just going through my mind about the whole control in society thing, about how the ultra wealthy are terrified of the people’s use of the internet to mobilise and spread important information that we the people can use to make our lives better. Of course when you have ‘controllers’ in society who gain from other people’s pain, who currently are using a REAL SYSTEM OF SLAVERY – which the GLOBAL WEB OF FINANCE IS OF COURSE, Image

who amass wealth by leeching from others energy and activities – then when those who are leeched from, change their situation to a more positive status, that it is natural that the leeches situation becomes, less, shall we say, attractive. A leech then is the one who has to lose something for the leeched from to gain something, being a leech then is a very precarious thing to be. When the people become more resilient and use their creativity to make their situation better for themselves and those around them, then the ultra wealthy who base their riches on nothing but manipulation and lies are on a sure road to loss. When we promote and work towards self-sufficiency in energy and food production for example then how can leeches such as politicians for example or corporate ‘leaders’ expect to keep on gaining. Of course if you leech from no one and respect the environment with which you interact and thrive with then when others gain you do not lose, but everyone can gain alongside everyone else. This I feel is the place to where we as a global population are heading, although the ride is not presently an easy one, you can sense the attempts of the ultra wealthy leeches and their propaganda agents in politics trying to suck all the bits of paper that they have convinced us all are worth something up their fat arses in their ‘austerity’ programs to try to, ‘make us pay’! But I laugh at their panic, India is buying Iranian oil, China and Russia are standing up to the bully boys in the West and telling them that they will protect Iran, THE PEOPLE ARE USING THE INTERNET TO MOBILISE AND STAND WITH ONE ANOTHER! “Its a true stalemate position Im afraid big boys.” We can only hope that those fluffing for the ultra wealthy will stop them when it comes to them attempting to throw their toys out of their prams!!




“Bring balance to the force!” These fateful words uttered in one of the most famous movie franchises of modern times might have more relevance to the current situation than we might realise. Violent power has been used for coercion for centuries but perhaps the last century has been host to the most targeted manipulation that human history has seen. The propaganda machine that has been built to help deceive many into supporting or ignoring the chaos has been built over the last 80 years to become a goliath. The last last twenty years though has seen a change, a tipping of the scales away from support for the violent machine, the veil is lifting, and the violent are being surrounded like never before. The internet has helped give those who desire world peace a voice at last.

Terence McKenna back in 1995 put it very clear, “I think that the internet is the tip of the evolutionary iceberg. People, they are waiting for Jesus to come, they are waiting for the flying saucers to bail them out… Meanwhile the internet is here, the internet is more life-changing than an alien invasion.” Well an alien invasion would certainly be majorly life changing, perhaps more so than the internet, but it has allowed new paradigms to flourish for the human race and allowed the development of decent human values to become global. The networks that people have been building outside of the traditional avenues that slower communication channels allowed, that coexisted with the organised avenues for oppression have, it seems, finally caused a tipping point to be met this year of 2012, the year that various prophecies have indicated will be the peak of transformation. The major cosmic cycles that space-watchers such as the Mayans predicted would come to pass in what the Gregorain calendar suggests is 2012 of course filter down through the different elements of reality until they burst forth from beings that can express this change visibly. It is comforting to see that people are not taking violent oppression or aggressive coercion around the world anymore. Governments around the World are facing the wrath of the people who politicians have traditionally regarded as cattle to be herded around and companies such as Tesco and Monsanto have been seeing their dirty tactics and practises become general knowledge. David is indeed waking and fighting back! Return of the Jedi indeed!

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If you take a look at the varied media outlets, including the mainstream media and the varied indie-media outlets you might notice a bit of a pattern occurring, this being that events occuring in the material sphere are tending to go towards the extreme manifestation of their natural destinations. Protesting and activism is at an all time high, the tendency of those who want war are taking that to a heightened level. Creativity is evident everywhere. Eco-consciousness is increasing, but then so is political control and the greed of those who are using the financial system to steal from the many to feather their own nests. The drums are beating from those who wish to attack Iran, but then the Russians and the Chinese are voicing their concern over the country being attacked and have made it clear that they won’t stand for it’s people being attacked. The internet has been a beacon of connectivity between people all over the globe and the majority are using it to mobilise and to organise, the Occupy movement has shown that people do not need ‘leaders’, but those who think that they lead others are trying to use force to stamp out what they see as dissent. Things it seems are coming to a head. This year – 2012 – the year of the Mayan Prophecy seems to be heralding a stand-off, either for the human race to keep letting the few cause destruction and chaos for the many or for the many to stop the few spreading their destructive tentacles everywhere like a rampant disease.

Whatever the reasons for this continued perpetuation of the various streams of prophetic activity, and it is most certainly the effects of something outside of our human experience, something that we cannot begin to fathom, it is clear that this is make or break time in human history. Do we have the hope that something will switch on in people who are being used to carry out the destructive plans of the ultra twisted, to turn them away from their path of mind controlled zombie slavedom? Well if we all decide to put some of our time towards putting out thoughts that this can be the case, even just for a few seconds occasionally and if we so have the courage to put a little amount of time into persuading those in the armed forces to turn away from their seemingly unmovable path – then we might just help steer the path of destiny towards the light in this important period. As Buddhists realise – we create this world with our thoughts. We are co-creators of reality – our brains are engines for reality. When we imagine something – we can then turn towards turning it into a real object, we imagine and then reality forms from that imagination. Never under-estimate the power of your mind, if you do then you are putting limits on your freedom, for you are forming those limits. Take moments now and then to imagine a bright outcome for humanity, imagine people dropping out of the armed forces, imagine soldiers turning down orders, imagine people dropping out of the army and turning to their communities for help to do so. And wherever you can help this happen by convincing people to turn away from active participation in the legitimised murder industries please do so. We do not have much time.

Its a lovely SUNNY day in South Wales amazingly enough, the intensity of the Sun is ever growing as our planet carries on its journey around the Sun to allow it to have a higher trail across the sky in this part of the planet. Ive been thinking also about the reports of solar flares recently, a record breaking coronal mass ejection, etc. and how some people suggest that it will cause problems for us on the planet, epsecially when it comes to communications technology. As for human communications ability it looks like it might be a different story. Think for a moment about the evolution of intelligence, from apes to human, we have come a long way, so it is so difficult to imagine that we humans could develop extra sensory powers? I personally have had a few precognitive dreams, and the ridiculous amount of synchronicity happenings generally going on in my life have increased over the last few years. The Sun keeps us alive, it literally feeds us the energy to live, could this celestial being be advancing our intelligence? And could the fact that more of us are realising that the Sun is the source of our existence be the fact that is helping the Sun evolve us to higher intelligence? Just a thought for a Sunny day in South Wales during the month of January 2012.

Take the power back in 2012!

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So at the time of writing we are nearly into the year 2012, from your end it is probable that we are already into the year. There has been a lot of hype and theorising and panic and attention and prophecy for the year 2012. A more positive view comes from the ‘alternative’ community, the main spokespeople in this group being Terence McKenna (deceased 2004), Daniel Pinchbeck, Graham Hancock, Geoff Stray and Ervin Laslo amongst many others. They have researched and theorised that the year is going to bring transformation or at least the peak of a transformation of how society operates or how existence is generated. The main factor in this transformation that can be gleaned from their feedback is that it is down to us to make the change however and it is also vital that we make it a positive change. Then we have the other side where people have jumped on the wrong track, from a complete mis-representation that the Mayan prophecies predicted, nostradamus-like that 2012 is the end of the world or whatever.

Obviously the most positive outcome should be the one that is given most attention to! Unfortunately Hollywood with its mega-bucks and its mostly dumbing down presentations decided to go for mega bucks and massive explosions to describe its theory in the film entitled, ‘2012’. I decided to not bother watching the film but having seen the trailer and some stills from the movie I easily understood the general gist of their version added to that people had told me the story (how deep, NOT!). So naturally – Hollywood having the reach that it does to many more people than the ‘conscious community’ had reached many people with their version. Over the last couple of years though since that time – people from the conscious community have been letting people know the reality of the situation and it is to this that I turn now.

Plainly told, we humans are way more able to shape our reality than we are taught in school and as the general media display to us. There are many thought shepherding agencies that surround us. We are if you like, ‘magical’ beings, every invention that we humans have developed has started as an image in someone’s mind, that is un-disputable. Our minds interact with the out-there, we partly generate reality as we move around our dimension. But we are also very susceptible to having our ‘power’ controlled and manipulated by others, and it is the case that those who know this truth have kept this from us, the majority. In other words, to put it simply and to catch a glimmer of the times from when this was written, with the Occupy Movement being the slow hatching of the rebirthing of the human race, and to use a phrase that has been taken up by many of those who have organically and totally grass-roots style grown the Occupy Movement into what it is or has been if this is being read years from now, the 1% have not gotten where they are, with the massive wealth that they have stolen from the 99% by accident.

Okay so your scientific, rationalist head might be thinking at this point, “whatever!” or you might be amongst those who appreciate a good mind opening idea, and some of you are probably way past where I am with all this, but to cut a long winded supporting decription to my theory, my truth, short, reality is way weirder than any of us can imagine, Why do we exist? Where do we come from? Why does cannabis cure cancers? Why does the Sun charge us and give all life on this planet the energy to live? How did the Sun get where it is? Why is the Moon the perfect distance away from the Earth and Sun to give us eclipses? Why did that object that I imagined when I was 8 years old and walking to school now exist, having taken around 15 years to appear from whoever invented. Why have I had pre-cognitive dreams? How do we know when somone is about to call or text us? Why do sychronicities happen? Why havent we found extra-terrestrial life in a universe that the various space telescopes we have out there are photographing? Or have some of us? How does the seed, mixed with water, soil and Sunshine release and develop what it eventually turns into? Why? Why? Why? Why? That we are here, on this wonderful globe, provided with everything that we need is evidence of magic alone. Admittedly there are some amongst us, as Terence McKenna described them, “The least amongst us”, who think that their role is to rule over the rest and who seem to exist to spread destruction, but generally – most people want a healthy environment and a sustaining future for all of us.

Its when you realise that we do have way more power to shape reality, that we can actually get to the point where we actually practise the shaping of reality and causing changes, to enhance our condition on the planet. We have stardust in us, just push away those doubting, programmed thoughts, whose role it is to keep us down and weak, most of which have made it to us from a sick mind with an ill intent, from someone who is so greedy that they want to keep the power for themselves. Some refer to such people as the ‘elite’, the illuminati, I prefer to refer to them as ‘the ultra-wealthy, those who THINK that they have power over the rest’. I prefer to roll with the fact, that Robert Anton Wilson suggested, that we should think of OURSELVES as the ELITE! We have the power and it is vital that we use it this year, in 2012 to MOULD A POSITIVE, HEALTHY REALITY FOR ALL OF US! Push away those dark thoughts that others have pwer over us, push away desire for greed, ultra-wealth. Stand up for yourselves, your famil, friends, and forge a strong community around you. 2012 is going to be a wonderful year – Im dedicating all of my energy towards this goal! Happy New Year, may 2012 bring you health, and a wonderful life. Lets share the vision.

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Meditative Reflections

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Life throws up its challenges and difficulties – its easy to moan and gripe about these times and events but really they can be seen as opportunities to grow and develop. For life without development is stagnation, we see what happens to stagnant water – and consider that we humans have a significant amount of water in the makeup of our body – making around 75% of what constitutes our body mass. This lowers with age but nonetheless it does not diminish the fact that water remains an important factor in our physical makeup and our lives in general. Stagnation and non-development – these are not healthy for our condition in general, so we should welcome change and friction. But sometimes stillness in mind is essential to our wellbeing, the inner meditative state is healthy, it can help us steer through challenges and difficult times, that special quiet place inside. The distractions that life throws up especially in these challenging times might be difficult for many but if we take some time now and again to find that inner peace – concentrating on nothingness, to let the thoughts slip away (an easy method is to focus on the end of your nose with your eyes close) a few times or even once a week will help anyone to find an inner strength to deal with outer pressures.

Ancient cultures have long alluded to these modern times – hinging on the year 2012 – being a time of major transformation, and this is proving to be the case. No only is the climate changing and the pole shifting but the economic system is showing it is a monster being held up by sticks ready to crumble (To understand this you have to look into the fractional reserve banking system properly), worldwide protests such as in European countries, the USA, Israel, etc. and revolutions in countries such as Egypt and Tunisia, Libya, Iceland, etc. are showing that people are no longer prepared to put up with regimes that cause misery and destruction. All the afore-mentioned coupled with the increasing prevelance of and growth in the renewables energy market and the fears and concerns over nuclear & oil industries with the increasing concern with sustainablity clearly illustrates that we are in a process of major transformation. Some theorise that this is due to cosmic influences perhaps – changes in the universe are helping usher change in our condition in this planet, that perhaps The Sun, sustainer of life on this planet might be going through its own development, and as the giver of life on this planet – can we really doubt it with as much reticence as our habitual thought processes might sway us towards? We cannot question the fact though, that we have develped from a more primitive state in terms of technological and scientific understanding of our lives and the universe, when we look back at the process of evolutionary change and development of the human condition we see that transformation comes in waves and at this time we are on a major wave, surfing a phat one! But as we are propelled forward hang onto your seats by refelcting on inner serenity and you will find yourselves being a more useful agent of change than not. Namaste!