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Pertaining towards the survivalist element of apocalyptic scenarios The Walking Dead has captured my imagination. Although the series is set in a dangerous world, where death can come from any and every quarter far it has featured the importance of plant seed saving and solar power as tools vital to the success of survival. After all without food and energy – survival is nigh on impossible so well done to the writers for featuring positive elements as well as the negative. The truth is that not everyone would turn towards such clearly beneficial methods to survive and The Walking Dead makes it clear with such a societal breakdown how many people would see that they have to become the bigger dog to thrive. The scariest characters in the the series are actually those humans who deem it necessary to abuse, hurt, murder and steal from other humans in order to stay on top. Extreme times require extreme methods they may think in order to justify their actions. It seems to be the case today that many people in the Western world think that we are in extreme times, the recent upheavals in politics in the UK and the USA with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President-Elect suggest this is the case.  Whether your personal politics means that you think these are good moves or not it is obvious that people are tending towards isolationist tendencies in their outlook on the world.3bdf54aeb4e50761f471dbbbab45fdc2.jpg

The rise of xenophobia almost definitely comes down to a manipulation of the masses by the super-wealthy and their agents in the media and many people are falling for the bullshit, it’s that classic technique that the elites have always used to gain power and wealth – divide and conquer. The election of a racist, outright misogynist, narcissistic billionaire to become American President and the vote to disconnect politically from our European neighbours means that people are pushing us towards extreme times.  Will we end up with an apocalyptic scenario in these risky times?

One thing for sure though is that there is one political move that any sound minded individual could make to help steer us away from the apocalypse, that is to actually listen to what Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Party leader in the UK says instead of reading the bullshit that the media put out about him. The truth is that to help people feel that they have a chance at a positive future, that a real redistribution of wealth is required and this is what J.C. believes in and has built his political career on. Unrestrained capitalism only ends up with an ever growing majority of the dispossessed with an ever-decreasing minority forming the super wealthy.


Politicians espousing that it’s a certain element within society who are causing our problems should be immediately seen for what they are, total and utter scumbags who want for nothing more than to cause disorder amongst the populace for personal gain. We have to decide now whether we want the apocalyptic vision to be realised or to actually listen to progressives who want for us all to have a healthy future. In the case that the majority steer us towards hell on Earth then I suggest watching The Walking Dead if you haven’t yet as there are tips inside for staying alive when it all comes crashing down.


20140823_185233We live in an age where technology super connects us, immediate communication is the norm via all sorts of technology, so why does so much public money have to be spent on facilitating a meeting for politicians and warmongers, who are so paranoid of being targeted that they have ordered a steel fence to be erected around the spots in which they are to gather? Not only is this a gross misuse of public money but it begs the question as to why are such ridiculous measures being taken? These people are paranoid! Does this paranoia about being attacked come from a deeply ingrained sense of guilt for their complicity in the murder of innocents or from a coke habit paid for from the funds that they steal from ordinary working people? To me the wearing of a suit is about covering up something; to make a good impression, however if the heart is in the right place then why would you want to make a good impression, as your actions are what prove your worth?

Above and beyond the fact that the nato attendees will be trying to convey a sense of honour with their clothing choices, there is a louder proclamation of guilt and corruption that that is evident for all to see, the steel fence now being built up around the Castle and Bute Park in Cardiff and surrounding the Celtic Manor Hotel just outside Newport. Social Media is awash with local people’s discontent with the absurd situation of the lockdown going on a few weeks before any nato attendees are due to gather in the area. The people of South Wales are not excited to be the unwitting hosts to this gathering of those who wish to wage war to gain wealth. Of course if you look to the Government’s propaganda machine – the BBC and to the media that the wealthy own to tell their stories you will gain a different opinion, the BBC’s  ‘ SOUTH EAST WALES’ news website declares, “Anger over Nato protesters’ peace camp at Newport park!”, that “Residents say they know little about the protesters’ plans and are worried their tent pitches will put the field out of action for the rest of the year.” – have these residents not been to camp sites ever in their lives? Do they not see such sites being used over and over again with no destructive effects to such sites? More importantly have they not noticed the ridiculous ‘security measures’ being put in place, the police searches and questioning of locals, the disruption to local public and private transport that this gathering of warmongers is bringing to their doorsteps? The mainstream media machine is biased, of course it is, it is owned by the wealthy, who seek funds from other wealth owners to help them keep publishing and producing media output, and so it is that their output veers towards the agenda that the fund providers demand.

People of South Wales, anyone protesting this gathering of the dangerous, anyone promoting the idea of peace for all, anyone who holds a banner proclaiming the truth about this horrid organisation – nato, is your friend. Those who take part in this immoral gathering are those who use war and murder as a tool for personal gain, they want your children to die for the illness in their minds and souls. South Wales is not content to host nato, please show these war mongers what you think of them if you should get the chance. Luckily they will still be able to see bare ass cheeks and middle fingers through these fences as it looks like they didnt quite have the budget to buy fences made from solid steel!



(I purposely avoided using capitalisation for the warmongers organisation, for they do not deserve it!)

Sun Worship, who can argue with that? It is easy to understand that The Sun is the celestial being that gives us the energy to live, in fact it comes to me quite regularly that not only does the Sun keep us all alive but that it is conceivable that we might even be created from the imagination of this utterly awesome being, Of course the mystery goes way deeper than just realising the omnipotence of our majestic star, for the question arises – from where do Stars originate, but it at least gives us a piece of the puzzle. Light is communication, light is life, for some reason though the mass realisation of this gives those who seek to dominate others the heebie-jeebies, it makes them so angry that they attempt to forcefully stamp out this realisation in others.Well at least they used to, for whenever Sun Worshippers have been killed or muted, the paradigm of Sun Worship pops up in another age and another area with more gusto than previous eras. Why? Well, the truth will out, and evolution moves on apace, for although we realise that some humans are really trying to drag our condition back to that of medieval times, really the general human condition is to move forward and develop as a species, it is written in the Stars 😉

Anarchists dream of a time where there is no need for government or any form of top down control, where people feel no need to cause harm or loss to anyone else, where people live cooperatively for the good of all. Politicians wish to be in control of others’ lives, and subvert the meaning of anarchism by using the police and secret service (as they used to be known before the internet) to infiltrate anarchist groups to tar them as violent (, they hope this will keep people looking to the government to save them, thereby justifying and perpetuating their positions. The school system is manipulated to promote competitiveness and obediance, this helps keep the financial order intact. The ultra wealthy have played all sorts of dirty tricks to get where they are and to enable them to stay put. The financial game is rigged in favour of those who own the system. What can idealist Anarchists do in a situation like this, and as they are taxed like everyone else should they turn away from the benefits that government can bring? Without government would the situation be way worse? You can bet that it would, there would be more violence and theft. As Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary predicted though – Internet is gradually allowing us to transform the situation and helping people organise between themselves, but the control freaks are doing whatever they can to try to reign this in. You can bet that this blog has been read by someone in GCHQ, it must have raised a flag or two, domestic extremism perchance? Extreme to whom I ask? To those who control the game, who are now terrified as they see their financial web unraveling around them, the rEvolution is not being televised it is being ‘Internetised’! So what are the control freaks doing to address this? They are grouping together in corporations to try to suck as much of the money up as they can, for they believe this will save them, what an illusion they feed themselves. It is for this reason that we salute Ernie Tertelgte for standing up for his natural rights and breaking the courts assumption of power over his natural rights –, LETS HAVE MORE NON-COMPLIANCE when it comes to agents of governments over-stepping their authority over us as human beings. We need to teach the control freaks what freedom really is.

Are we supposed to be content with the fact that some of our tax money is being used to fund spying operations on our communications? Are we also to be content with the fact that this has been going on for 6 years without mention until now, from the single brave whistleblower Edward Snowden. Any intelligent, aware individual must realise what this means for the ability for a mass of people to keep quiet about an act or programme, for example the attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentgon. The recent unveiling of this spy program should have the result of making anyone who doubted the idea that certain individuals within the US Government could have had knowledge of this attack prior to its commencement, to reconsider that conclusion. To say that the whole of government is a totally evil entity that plots against the people is not true. It is a fact that Government has many tentacles, it reflects the wide range of opinion within the population at large. Some of the tentacles ensure the health and survival of its population but some are used to only further the aims of some of it’s members, including those who want to punish others for their own unconscious psychological inadequacies and for certain individuals to gain more power and wealth. The ability of humans to not want to stick their heads above the parapet, to not be seen as a troublemaker, to not stand out from the crowd though is almost universal. What the Nazis were able to get away with was a worrying indication of the level of compliance that people adhere to, so have no doubt of the potential for a mass of people to be involved in and be quiet on an act or series of acts that perpetuate a disabling effect on many other people.

The education system while having many positive aims and in many ways being a positive experience for children is also responsible for attempting to ensure that children grow up to be compliant ‘citizens’. In Western societies then to stand out from the crowd is therefore a rare and brave act. It is true that many people like to feel different to the crowd by shuffling off into smaller subgroups, but still the human trait of belonging is fulfilled. The idea of community though is positive, when that community has positive aims and practices. The recent revelations of the spying program Prism and the realisation of the lengths of the Bilderbegers to keep secrecy about their discussions at their global, annual meeting, (which was brought into the spotlight by the alternative media’s efforts surrounding the recent Bilderberg meeting in Watford in the UK) though must at least make those who up until now have believed that conspiracies do not happen and that politicians have the best interests of the people in mind to at least consider that going forward things have to change.


We do not want nuclear submarines in Wales!! The Welsh Government so called ‘first minister’ does not talk for the people of Wales!

Bristol Against Arms Trade

A NEWPORT activist has hit out at comments that the first minister would welcome nuclear submarines to Wales. Wales Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti said the first minister has a duty to provide the country with “decent jobs, not to make us purveyors of weapons of mass destruction”.

Carwyn Jones told the Senedd that the UK naval nuclear fleet would be welcome in Wales, suggesting it could be brought to Milford Haven. The fleet is currently based at in Scotland – but the devolved government there wants it moved. Ms Bartolotti, who is running to become leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, said: “Wales needs jobs, but a job of this type could only be taken under sufferance.”

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “The First Minister is of the view that he would be neglecting his duty to do what he can to boost the Welsh economy…

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The TRUTH about the OLYMPICS!

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Ive always disliked the olympics, the idea of celebrating ‘being the best’ and ‘being the strongest’. Although the Olympics has a great international appeal for many people, and many people like it for being a galvanizing event for people from all over the world there is a seedy side to it all. Consider it this way, what about the lesser celebrated, subtler forms of human endeavour such as co-operation. The olympics are a display of the celebration of a lack of empathy by those who veer towards eugenics and strong political ideologies, so it suits those with such mindsets to think that they have to have missiles ‘guarding’ their precious display of human power. The BBC reported recently that, “The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is considering plans to install surface-to-air missiles in Blackheath and Shooters Hill during the Olympic Games.” This is more evidence that we should be changing our political structures, to give the VERY STRONG less chance to make it to the top, as having insane, un-empathatic, psycopaths in our political systems as we do in the West is in itself an insane proposition. Far from getting drawn into the Olympics frenzy for 2012 in the UK we should be doing all we can to shun support for this vulgar display of power.