Hello. You might have come across this blog either via the new SWAT – South Wales Agency for Truth Website – http://www.swat-hq.com – or via another means on the internet – but however you have made it here – we want to start by welcoming you to a blog that might help broaden your world view, and one that probably will not have you leaving the blog with the same world view that you had before you arrived here… “How so?”, you may ask? Well this is the blog of someone who decided to search for ‘the truth’ a good few years ago and who has now found a great many issues revealing themselves to him which he had never considered to look into previously. I do not pretend to have discovered definate answers to anything, life itself is too vast and strange to ever have anyone who has discovered the answers, but I do know that when you embark upon a search for truth it takes you places where you have never been before and new discoveries should always be shared for the general good. A gentle nudge into reading and researching the lives of those who swim within the esoteric paradigm was the initial spur to look for ‘the truth’, and so from there developed a healthy interest to research and look past what has traditionally been delivered via mainstream avenues and really go for the stories that to most remain buried. The setting up of the South Wales Agency for Truth was the result of a period of 20 years of study and exploration of people and subjects and of a mindset that was hungry for knowledge. If this sounds like something that you could live with then please stay with us for the ride.


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