Brexit, Trump, Corbyn & The Walking Dead

Posted: November 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

Pertaining towards the survivalist element of apocalyptic scenarios The Walking Dead has captured my imagination. Although the series is set in a dangerous world, where death can come from any and every quarter far it has featured the importance of plant seed saving and solar power as tools vital to the success of survival. After all without food and energy – survival is nigh on impossible so well done to the writers for featuring positive elements as well as the negative. The truth is that not everyone would turn towards such clearly beneficial methods to survive and The Walking Dead makes it clear with such a societal breakdown how many people would see that they have to become the bigger dog to thrive. The scariest characters in the the series are actually those humans who deem it necessary to abuse, hurt, murder and steal from other humans in order to stay on top. Extreme times require extreme methods they may think in order to justify their actions. It seems to be the case today that many people in the Western world think that we are in extreme times, the recent upheavals in politics in the UK and the USA with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President-Elect suggest this is the case.  Whether your personal politics means that you think these are good moves or not it is obvious that people are tending towards isolationist tendencies in their outlook on the world.3bdf54aeb4e50761f471dbbbab45fdc2.jpg

The rise of xenophobia almost definitely comes down to a manipulation of the masses by the super-wealthy and their agents in the media and many people are falling for the bullshit, it’s that classic technique that the elites have always used to gain power and wealth – divide and conquer. The election of a racist, outright misogynist, narcissistic billionaire to become American President and the vote to disconnect politically from our European neighbours means that people are pushing us towards extreme times.  Will we end up with an apocalyptic scenario in these risky times?

One thing for sure though is that there is one political move that any sound minded individual could make to help steer us away from the apocalypse, that is to actually listen to what Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Party leader in the UK says instead of reading the bullshit that the media put out about him. The truth is that to help people feel that they have a chance at a positive future, that a real redistribution of wealth is required and this is what J.C. believes in and has built his political career on. Unrestrained capitalism only ends up with an ever growing majority of the dispossessed with an ever-decreasing minority forming the super wealthy.


Politicians espousing that it’s a certain element within society who are causing our problems should be immediately seen for what they are, total and utter scumbags who want for nothing more than to cause disorder amongst the populace for personal gain. We have to decide now whether we want the apocalyptic vision to be realised or to actually listen to progressives who want for us all to have a healthy future. In the case that the majority steer us towards hell on Earth then I suggest watching The Walking Dead if you haven’t yet as there are tips inside for staying alive when it all comes crashing down.


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