South Wales Agency for Truth DOES NOT welcome nato to the area!

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

20140823_185233We live in an age where technology super connects us, immediate communication is the norm via all sorts of technology, so why does so much public money have to be spent on facilitating a meeting for politicians and warmongers, who are so paranoid of being targeted that they have ordered a steel fence to be erected around the spots in which they are to gather? Not only is this a gross misuse of public money but it begs the question as to why are such ridiculous measures being taken? These people are paranoid! Does this paranoia about being attacked come from a deeply ingrained sense of guilt for their complicity in the murder of innocents or from a coke habit paid for from the funds that they steal from ordinary working people? To me the wearing of a suit is about covering up something; to make a good impression, however if the heart is in the right place then why would you want to make a good impression, as your actions are what prove your worth?

Above and beyond the fact that the nato attendees will be trying to convey a sense of honour with their clothing choices, there is a louder proclamation of guilt and corruption that that is evident for all to see, the steel fence now being built up around the Castle and Bute Park in Cardiff and surrounding the Celtic Manor Hotel just outside Newport. Social Media is awash with local people’s discontent with the absurd situation of the lockdown going on a few weeks before any nato attendees are due to gather in the area. The people of South Wales are not excited to be the unwitting hosts to this gathering of those who wish to wage war to gain wealth. Of course if you look to the Government’s propaganda machine – the BBC and to the media that the wealthy own to tell their stories you will gain a different opinion, the BBC’s  ‘ SOUTH EAST WALES’ news website declares, “Anger over Nato protesters’ peace camp at Newport park!”, that “Residents say they know little about the protesters’ plans and are worried their tent pitches will put the field out of action for the rest of the year.” – have these residents not been to camp sites ever in their lives? Do they not see such sites being used over and over again with no destructive effects to such sites? More importantly have they not noticed the ridiculous ‘security measures’ being put in place, the police searches and questioning of locals, the disruption to local public and private transport that this gathering of warmongers is bringing to their doorsteps? The mainstream media machine is biased, of course it is, it is owned by the wealthy, who seek funds from other wealth owners to help them keep publishing and producing media output, and so it is that their output veers towards the agenda that the fund providers demand.

People of South Wales, anyone protesting this gathering of the dangerous, anyone promoting the idea of peace for all, anyone who holds a banner proclaiming the truth about this horrid organisation – nato, is your friend. Those who take part in this immoral gathering are those who use war and murder as a tool for personal gain, they want your children to die for the illness in their minds and souls. South Wales is not content to host nato, please show these war mongers what you think of them if you should get the chance. Luckily they will still be able to see bare ass cheeks and middle fingers through these fences as it looks like they didnt quite have the budget to buy fences made from solid steel!



(I purposely avoided using capitalisation for the warmongers organisation, for they do not deserve it!)


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