We might not be seeing much of The Sun in the UK in early 2014 but it shines on.

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Sun Worship, who can argue with that? It is easy to understand that The Sun is the celestial being that gives us the energy to live, in fact it comes to me quite regularly that not only does the Sun keep us all alive but that it is conceivable that we might even be created from the imagination of this utterly awesome being, Of course the mystery goes way deeper than just realising the omnipotence of our majestic star, for the question arises – from where do Stars originate, but it at least gives us a piece of the puzzle. Light is communication, light is life, for some reason though the mass realisation of this gives those who seek to dominate others the heebie-jeebies, it makes them so angry that they attempt to forcefully stamp out this realisation in others.Well at least they used to, for whenever Sun Worshippers have been killed or muted, the paradigm of Sun Worship pops up in another age and another area with more gusto than previous eras. Why? Well, the truth will out, and evolution moves on apace, for although we realise that some humans are really trying to drag our condition back to that of medieval times, really the general human condition is to move forward and develop as a species, it is written in the Stars 😉


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