Anarchism versus control in action: The case of Ernie Tertelgte.

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Anarchists dream of a time where there is no need for government or any form of top down control, where people feel no need to cause harm or loss to anyone else, where people live cooperatively for the good of all. Politicians wish to be in control of others’ lives, and subvert the meaning of anarchism by using the police and secret service (as they used to be known before the internet) to infiltrate anarchist groups to tar them as violent (, they hope this will keep people looking to the government to save them, thereby justifying and perpetuating their positions. The school system is manipulated to promote competitiveness and obediance, this helps keep the financial order intact. The ultra wealthy have played all sorts of dirty tricks to get where they are and to enable them to stay put. The financial game is rigged in favour of those who own the system. What can idealist Anarchists do in a situation like this, and as they are taxed like everyone else should they turn away from the benefits that government can bring? Without government would the situation be way worse? You can bet that it would, there would be more violence and theft. As Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary predicted though – Internet is gradually allowing us to transform the situation and helping people organise between themselves, but the control freaks are doing whatever they can to try to reign this in. You can bet that this blog has been read by someone in GCHQ, it must have raised a flag or two, domestic extremism perchance? Extreme to whom I ask? To those who control the game, who are now terrified as they see their financial web unraveling around them, the rEvolution is not being televised it is being ‘Internetised’! So what are the control freaks doing to address this? They are grouping together in corporations to try to suck as much of the money up as they can, for they believe this will save them, what an illusion they feed themselves. It is for this reason that we salute Ernie Tertelgte for standing up for his natural rights and breaking the courts assumption of power over his natural rights –, LETS HAVE MORE NON-COMPLIANCE when it comes to agents of governments over-stepping their authority over us as human beings. We need to teach the control freaks what freedom really is.


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