What the realisation of Prism and Bilderberg teach us!

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are we supposed to be content with the fact that some of our tax money is being used to fund spying operations on our communications? Are we also to be content with the fact that this has been going on for 6 years without mention until now, from the single brave whistleblower Edward Snowden. Any intelligent, aware individual must realise what this means for the ability for a mass of people to keep quiet about an act or programme, for example the attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentgon. The recent unveiling of this spy program should have the result of making anyone who doubted the idea that certain individuals within the US Government could have had knowledge of this attack prior to its commencement, to reconsider that conclusion. To say that the whole of government is a totally evil entity that plots against the people is not true. It is a fact that Government has many tentacles, it reflects the wide range of opinion within the population at large. Some of the tentacles ensure the health and survival of its population but some are used to only further the aims of some of it’s members, including those who want to punish others for their own unconscious psychological inadequacies and for certain individuals to gain more power and wealth. The ability of humans to not want to stick their heads above the parapet, to not be seen as a troublemaker, to not stand out from the crowd though is almost universal. What the Nazis were able to get away with was a worrying indication of the level of compliance that people adhere to, so have no doubt of the potential for a mass of people to be involved in and be quiet on an act or series of acts that perpetuate a disabling effect on many other people.

The education system while having many positive aims and in many ways being a positive experience for children is also responsible for attempting to ensure that children grow up to be compliant ‘citizens’. In Western societies then to stand out from the crowd is therefore a rare and brave act. It is true that many people like to feel different to the crowd by shuffling off into smaller subgroups, but still the human trait of belonging is fulfilled. The idea of community though is positive, when that community has positive aims and practices. The recent revelations of the spying program Prism and the realisation of the lengths of the Bilderbegers to keep secrecy about their discussions at their global, annual meeting, (which was brought into the spotlight by the alternative media’s efforts surrounding the recent Bilderberg meeting in Watford in the UK) though must at least make those who up until now have believed that conspiracies do not happen and that politicians have the best interests of the people in mind to at least consider that going forward things have to change.



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