Tipping the scales!

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Some thoughts were just going through my mind about the whole control in society thing, about how the ultra wealthy are terrified of the people’s use of the internet to mobilise and spread important information that we the people can use to make our lives better. Of course when you have ‘controllers’ in society who gain from other people’s pain, who currently are using a REAL SYSTEM OF SLAVERY – which the GLOBAL WEB OF FINANCE IS OF COURSE, Image

who amass wealth by leeching from others energy and activities – then when those who are leeched from, change their situation to a more positive status, that it is natural that the leeches situation becomes, less, shall we say, attractive. A leech then is the one who has to lose something for the leeched from to gain something, being a leech then is a very precarious thing to be. When the people become more resilient and use their creativity to make their situation better for themselves and those around them, then the ultra wealthy who base their riches on nothing but manipulation and lies are on a sure road to loss. When we promote and work towards self-sufficiency in energy and food production for example then how can leeches such as politicians for example or corporate ‘leaders’ expect to keep on gaining. Of course if you leech from no one and respect the environment with which you interact and thrive with then when others gain you do not lose, but everyone can gain alongside everyone else. This I feel is the place to where we as a global population are heading, although the ride is not presently an easy one, you can sense the attempts of the ultra wealthy leeches and their propaganda agents in politics trying to suck all the bits of paper that they have convinced us all are worth something up their fat arses in their ‘austerity’ programs to try to, ‘make us pay’! But I laugh at their panic, India is buying Iranian oil, China and Russia are standing up to the bully boys in the West and telling them that they will protect Iran, THE PEOPLE ARE USING THE INTERNET TO MOBILISE AND STAND WITH ONE ANOTHER! “Its a true stalemate position Im afraid big boys.” We can only hope that those fluffing for the ultra wealthy will stop them when it comes to them attempting to throw their toys out of their prams!!




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