Bringing balance.

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Bring balance to the force!” These fateful words uttered in one of the most famous movie franchises of modern times might have more relevance to the current situation than we might realise. Violent power has been used for coercion for centuries but perhaps the last century has been host to the most targeted manipulation that human history has seen. The propaganda machine that has been built to help deceive many into supporting or ignoring the chaos has been built over the last 80 years to become a goliath. The last last twenty years though has seen a change, a tipping of the scales away from support for the violent machine, the veil is lifting, and the violent are being surrounded like never before. The internet has helped give those who desire world peace a voice at last.

Terence McKenna back in 1995 put it very clear, “I think that the internet is the tip of the evolutionary iceberg. People, they are waiting for Jesus to come, they are waiting for the flying saucers to bail them out… Meanwhile the internet is here, the internet is more life-changing than an alien invasion.” Well an alien invasion would certainly be majorly life changing, perhaps more so than the internet, but it has allowed new paradigms to flourish for the human race and allowed the development of decent human values to become global. The networks that people have been building outside of the traditional avenues that slower communication channels allowed, that coexisted with the organised avenues for oppression have, it seems, finally caused a tipping point to be met this year of 2012, the year that various prophecies have indicated will be the peak of transformation. The major cosmic cycles that space-watchers such as the Mayans predicted would come to pass in what the Gregorain calendar suggests is 2012 of course filter down through the different elements of reality until they burst forth from beings that can express this change visibly. It is comforting to see that people are not taking violent oppression or aggressive coercion around the world anymore. Governments around the World are facing the wrath of the people who politicians have traditionally regarded as cattle to be herded around and companies such as Tesco and Monsanto have been seeing their dirty tactics and practises become general knowledge. David is indeed waking and fighting back! Return of the Jedi indeed!


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