Use your imagination to help materialise a positive year ahead…

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you take a look at the varied media outlets, including the mainstream media and the varied indie-media outlets you might notice a bit of a pattern occurring, this being that events occuring in the material sphere are tending to go towards the extreme manifestation of their natural destinations. Protesting and activism is at an all time high, the tendency of those who want war are taking that to a heightened level. Creativity is evident everywhere. Eco-consciousness is increasing, but then so is political control and the greed of those who are using the financial system to steal from the many to feather their own nests. The drums are beating from those who wish to attack Iran, but then the Russians and the Chinese are voicing their concern over the country being attacked and have made it clear that they won’t stand for it’s people being attacked. The internet has been a beacon of connectivity between people all over the globe and the majority are using it to mobilise and to organise, the Occupy movement has shown that people do not need ‘leaders’, but those who think that they lead others are trying to use force to stamp out what they see as dissent. Things it seems are coming to a head. This year – 2012 – the year of the Mayan Prophecy seems to be heralding a stand-off, either for the human race to keep letting the few cause destruction and chaos for the many or for the many to stop the few spreading their destructive tentacles everywhere like a rampant disease.

Whatever the reasons for this continued perpetuation of the various streams of prophetic activity, and it is most certainly the effects of something outside of our human experience, something that we cannot begin to fathom, it is clear that this is make or break time in human history. Do we have the hope that something will switch on in people who are being used to carry out the destructive plans of the ultra twisted, to turn them away from their path of mind controlled zombie slavedom? Well if we all decide to put some of our time towards putting out thoughts that this can be the case, even just for a few seconds occasionally and if we so have the courage to put a little amount of time into persuading those in the armed forces to turn away from their seemingly unmovable path – then we might just help steer the path of destiny towards the light in this important period. As Buddhists realise – we create this world with our thoughts. We are co-creators of reality – our brains are engines for reality. When we imagine something – we can then turn towards turning it into a real object, we imagine and then reality forms from that imagination. Never under-estimate the power of your mind, if you do then you are putting limits on your freedom, for you are forming those limits. Take moments now and then to imagine a bright outcome for humanity, imagine people dropping out of the armed forces, imagine soldiers turning down orders, imagine people dropping out of the army and turning to their communities for help to do so. And wherever you can help this happen by convincing people to turn away from active participation in the legitimised murder industries please do so. We do not have much time.


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